Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling neutral!

Great news!!! I have a neutral stride!!! I know you've just been worrying yourself sick wondering about this ha ha!

Well you might not have been overly concerned about my stride but I have...

When I started running I picked a shoe based on what someone recommended and went with it. It didn't even occur to me that my foot alignment might be different and thus I could require a different type of shoe.

As you know I have dealt with a few injuries so far in my running journey and I finally decided to have my gait checked so I would know if these issues were related to the type of shoe I have been wearing. 

I went to a specialty running store this weekend and did a little runway walking and treadmill running. (I have been before but was unable to get a full assessment due to ankle swelling at the time.) I am neutral and my shoes are just fine!! Yay me!!! 

Now I can focus on my form and my technique and stop worrying about shoes (although a tiny little part of me was hoping I'd walk away with an excuse to shop for some new shoes lol).

If you haven't been to a running store to have an assessment you should, it could be vital to your ability to go the distance!

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