Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Camping... There's an app for that! (Coming soon in 2014)

Here's "The Dyrt"

Sarah Smith is a bit like us in her search for camping adventures. She found that there was no real good way to research a camp site in advance of a trip. Short of stumbling upon someones review by chance or having a friend recommend somewhere they have been you are kind of on your own when it comes to camp sites.
We have stayed many places where it would have been great to be able to know ahead of time what to expect and it would be great to be able to find a site that could provide some new and exciting recommendations. Now we will be able to do both! In a Press Release in June of this year Sarah said “I wasn't able to see the ground-level view of a campsite and couldn't tell what it was really like. I wanted to make the entire experience pain-free, enjoyable and effective. I've also found that some of my favorite camping spots have come from friends’ recommendations and The Dyrt will provide a forum for that.”

The Dyrt will be a campground mobile app that will allow you to research campsites prior to you embarking on your trip. You will be able to see ground level pictures of the sites, read reviews and even view a 360° video of the campsite! The App will launch in 2014!!

We are super excited to have shared the first three documented campsites in North Carolina!! We look forward to sharing even more! 

Where are you camping? Tell us about it on The Dyrt!!

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