Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well socks...

In addition to finding the right pair of shoes, finding the right the rights socks is equally as important! Once you get the first blister you will quickly realize why!! 

Blisters will happen when there is heat, moister and friction between your feet and the socks and shoes you wear. Having the right socks, as well as the right shoes, is imperative. 

In the past I always bought the “athletic” type, white no show, socks you can get in a pack of six at a local shopping center like WalMart or Target. When I began having issues with my shoes James suggested I also get better socks! The socks I had always bought felt fine they were light and had a little support through the arch but I did often times have to pull them up as they liked to slip off my heel and into my shoe. 

A good running sock will stay put, stay dry and be very comfortable. A technical running sock will also be made of a synthetic material. Cotton will hold the heat and moisture against your feet so a synthetic material is a must! Pay attention to seams on the socks as well. A bad seam placement can spoil a run!

James bought me a few pairs of Swiftwick Aspire Zero socks and I have noticed a huge difference! I love these socks! They hug my foot and fit perfectly in my shoes! They stay put and keep me dry and comfortable! Swiftwick socks are made in the USA and are made with great quality materials!

There are several other great brands on the market that I look forward to trying but for now Swiftwick has my vote!!

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