Monday, August 26, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Camp-Tek Microburst

Happy Monday!! It's an up and at em' day for us today! It's the first day back to school from summer vacation!

This Weekend's VIP is our Camp-Tek Microburst! This is such a great device and we are so glad to have found it! The Microburst is a small, lightweight piece of equipment that we use on our backpacking trips to help inflate our sleeping mats. 

Our sleeping mats do "self inflate", meaning when you unroll them and open the valve they will fill up naturally. We, however, prefer our mats just a bit firmer. You could blow into the valve to firm up the sleeping mat however that introduces unnecessary moisture on the inside of your pad. 

The Microburst makes getting our sleeping mat comfortable so easy! The process is much quicker and the Microburst is so light weight you won't even notice you have something extra in your pack! 

As an added feature we found it to be excellent at helping the fire along on difficult nights with less than idea wood ;)

For your next backpacking or camping trip you should check out this cool product! The Camp-Tek Microburst is sure to become your camping VIP!

Also check out our very first (more to come) GIVEAWAY!!! 

We hope you have a wonderful Monday!!

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