Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Attacoa Performance Wallet

This weekend we celebrated our dating anniversary :) I imagine once we are married we will focus on the anniversary of our wedding but we do have fun remembering the day we began dating each year. Several years ago Toner Machining Technologies, Inc. introduced a new tactical wallet and I bought one for James. It was one of their early designs and has been a wonderful wallet! James gets asked all the time what it is and where it is from. People also ask if they can hold it or pick it up... Ummmm... No!! Ha!

This year for our anniversary I got James one of the new tactical wallets by Toner Machining Technologies, Inc., the Attaco Performance Wallet . The wallet design is the same as the one he already has however the new wallets are made with a light weight polymer material whereas his earlier version is made from aluminum.

These wallets are made in the USA!!!

These are the coolest tactical wallets you could possibly find! They are durable and multifunctional! They have a compass, a glass breaker, a hidden toothpick, set of tweezers and ink pen all on the outside of the wallet and they have hidden compartments inside. They are water proof and dirt proof as they have an O-ring seal which make them great for kayaking and camping!

Oh I had so much fun surprising him with this gift! I love surprises and I love to drive people crazy (or at least try) making them wonder what it might be!! I told him that it was some sort of gear... I told him that he could use it on our next camping trip... Oh and kayaking trip... That he wouldn't use it mountain biking but if he wanted to mountain climb it might be used.... He asked how big it was and I told him that it was a good size but could fit in my car.... Ha Ha! Oh I had so much fun!!! He was excited once he opened it up and realized what it was! To make the wallet even more special I was able to have it laser etched with his name!

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