Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Alps Tri-Awning

Have we mentioned the rain lately??? We are so tired of the rain! Our summer has been short changed. We are typically out every weekend and we have really been held back this summer due to the weather, We hope to have a drier fall so we can get in some good camping trips and hikes! 

This Saturday we had a garage sale, we are making room for some renovations! The forecast as of Friday showed a 70% chance of rain!!! James did not want to cancel. We had everything moved from the basement into the garage he wanted to get it sold ASAP so we could get these projects going (and park in the garage again). 

We had planned to use our Alps Tri-Awning if we were not lucky enough to be in the 30% chance of no rain window! The awning would have worked great to cover a couple of our tables and we kept most of the furniture items in the Garage.  Fortunately the rain held off most of the morning and we were able to get a lot of the items sold and stay dry!

We purchased this awning a few years ago when we were planning a trip to the beach. We were looking for something to be able to sit under in the event that the sun got too hot. Our girls were younger then and our niece and nephew were very little. We wanted to provide a shady spot for them to play and enjoy the beach without getting too hot!

We had tried the pop up style awnings and they were miserable to deal with, the wind always threatened to topple the pop up and carry it halfway down the beach, we had to come up with ways to weigh the corners down to help it stay put and sand always finds it's way in to the collapsing legs making them difficult to take down.  

Our Tri-Awning is wonderful! It sets up very similar to a tent. The awning is so versatile, you can set it up to be taller simply by bringing the legs closer together or lower and more spread out by spacing the legs out farther. It also has a detachable sun shield panel so one side can be fully closed if you need it to be. It served us very well at the beach providing shade from the sun we desired.

When we backpack camp we take the minimal amount of stuff with us and do not take the awning but we take this awning with us EVERY time we car camp. We had it with us on our more recent trip to Lake James State Park. It seems to rain on us quite a bit when we are camping and this awning allows us to still enjoy the great outdoors and the camping experience with out getting soaked! 

Our awning has never leaked either! We have taken this with us so many places and sometimes we even set it up when there is no threat of rain. At Lake James it did rain a bit and at night we moved it to cover one of the tents to provide extra protection from the down pour! On another camping excursion we set it up out side our tents and enjoyed playing cards and snacking on camp foods while we watched and listened as the rain drizzled around us. 

We highly recommend the Alps Mountaineering Tri-Awning! It would be a great add to you camping gear and we assure you that it will come in very handy on those hot sunny beach days or rainy camping trips!

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    Camping is one of my favorite activities. I grew up doing it and we took our children camping most every weekend in the summer. Great Memories and Great family activity. I'm going to enjoy visiting your blog.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  2. Thanks for the link party. I added two links!

  3. What a cool idea - the rain can be such a pain it often never seems to stop.

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