Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musings ~ Time Flies

Happy Happy Monday! It's that time again! Time to wake up, grab a cup of coffee, hit the road running (I wish, did I mention the rain???), clean up, dress up and conquer the world!! Well head to work rather and at least give conquering the world a good try!! If you don't at least try you never will accomplish anything.

This week is going to be busy!! This is the last full week before it is back to school... Hopefully this year will go smoother than last... Since I am getting up so early already it won't be a huge adjustment for me and the girls have been getting up just about all summer relatively early for cheer practices so I hope the "get up and go" momentum each morning won't be hard to achieve! 

Several big milestones are going to occur withing the next week and a half... My youngest will start high school and my oldest turns 16!!! Crazy!! Where does the time go? 

While I would like to press rewind sometimes, at other times I don't, I am so proud of the young women my daughters have become and look forward to watching them continue to grow in their lives. Embrace each day and live completely within it! Before you know it today becomes a memory!

Wishing you a wonderful week! 

Beginning next week our "This Weekend's VIP" post will be moving to Monday's with a little Monday Musings mixed in ;)

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