Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings ~ Actions speak louder than words...

Good morning and happy Monday! What a beautiful weekend we had! Just a little rain but not enough to spoil the days.

Last week was just blahhhhhh.... James and I have struggled a bit to get back into our regular fitness and healthy meal planning routines since coming back from vacation and by the weekend figured out that our lack of energy was most likely because we had been skipping some of our daily cardio... I skipped several mornings of running and James skipped a couple of days biking. We both felt like we simply didn't have the energy but really it's doing those things that boosts our energy!!!  

We enjoyed a great and strenuous hike on Sunday and expect to start new this week with doing rather than just saying!!  No excuses! (BTW I just got in from my morning run!!!! Success!!!)

We hope you have a wonderful Monday and week and that you start this new week with doing rather than saying as well!

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