Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hind Technical Apparel

I know I have discussed this before but I just can't help it, I am in love with certain lines of performance apparel! In addition to my beloved MPG clothing line I have a new found obsession in Hind!

Hind clothing is made from quick drying materials which is especially important for longer runs and also is great for hiking and backpacking! The clothing fits true to size and is very comfortable! I have several pairs of the running capris and shorts. I love that they have a zipper pocket on the back waist line. Often times I am meeting friends places to run and I always struggle with what to do with my car keys! This pocket is perfect for me to tuck away my key fob while I run! I also love Hind tanks! They are light weight and slinky making them cool and comfortable (and cute)!

It is so important to wear the right clothing on a run, while it may feel cooler when you first step out of the door, once running it will begin to feel 15+ degrees warmer due to the build up of your own body heat as you run. Technical clothing like hind make selecting the proper clothing easy!

Technical clothing like hind will cost a little more then your standard gym shorts and t-shirts but you will quickly realize the importance of the synthetic fabrics in keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. The materials are designed to wick away moisture from your body and the fabric dries quick, cotton clothing will hold moisture (sweat, yuck) and is not quick drying. Just think about how long your dryer runs to get your t-shirts dry... Enough said! In addition during colder months insulated technical clothing like the items hind offers will keep you warm without being bulky.

I have found hind apparel in specialty running shops and you can find discounted hind clothing in the active wear section of TJ Maxx!!  You should definitely give hind a try! You won't be disappointed!!

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  1. I do like Hind clothing. I need some new running stuff...but I haven't really purchased anything for myself in so long, workout wise! I will definitely keep this in mind when I am shopping! Visiting from the Wonderful Wednesdays Linky Party!


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