Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday!!!

It's Friday!!!! Wooooo Hoooo!!! Our favorite day of the week!! This weekend is especially exciting... My sweet sweet daughter turns Sweet 16!! It's a little hard to believe considering I am only "29" and it seems like yesterday that she was toddling around. Time sure does fly. What a wonderful 16 years it has been though and each year it just gets better and better!! I am struggling a bit seeing her in the drivers seat of the car... When I look over I still see this little face, how do I accept that my baby is actually old enough to drive????

This has been a busy week... Well yes, most of our weeks are, but this has been especially busy! In addition to all that we have been in planning mode for a Sweet 16 Birthday Trip and doing a little car shopping it has been the first week back to school for the girls so we are adjusting to some slight schedule changes, transportation arrangement adjustments, the re-introduction of homework, prepping school lunches, earlier bed times, etc. Whew! TGIF!!

Our High Five:

1. All the back to school paper work is COMPLETE!!! It's crazy how much there is to complete each year... I haven't used so much ink on paper... Welll since last year about this time... Do they even look at these papers... I just filled them out last August... It's would be awesome if I could just review last years documents and check a box that said NO CHANGES :) Or maybe this could be electronic with some auto fill fields... My wrists hurt!! 

2. After a long night of filling out paper work I indulged in a little soothing foot spa.... I love my Brookstone Spa!! Ahhhhhhh.... What a way to end the day!

3. Friday Night Football!! Both my girls made Varsity Cheer so Friday Nights are filled with excitement!! The team won their first game last week and we are ready for another game tonight!!!

4. We are BEACH BOUND!!! We are celebrating my daughters Sweet 16 with a girls trip to the beach!! So excited! Wish me luck!!!
5. We are hosting our very first giveaway!! We have several great items already lined up for future giveaways too!! We decided to set the first giveaway up and see how it goes!! ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! Only 9 days left!!

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  1. Whoo, I don't miss the back to school paperwork. Good grief sometimes it felt like you are signing your life away.


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