Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hooray for Friday! It has been a wonderful week and we are ready for the weekend! 

We are gearing up for a garage sale this weekend, which is sure to be a lot of fun, to make room for some construction! This is a very exciting time for us as we work to merge houses :) The girls are getting ready for back to school and have several cheer events this weekend as well so it will be busy busy! The air is just a little cooler in the mornings when I run and I LOVE it!! Fall is my very favorite season and is just around the corner!! Here are five highlights from the week:

1. We had an amazing hike on Sunday!! After struggling a bit the week after vacation to get back into the swing of things this hike recharged us and this week has been awesome!

2. Oakley Loraine, the cat, is just so entertaining!!! I came in from a run this week and started to roll... Oakley decided my lap, while rolling, would be a great place to curl up for a nap... She just makes me happy (sometimes crazy but most of the time happy ha ha)!

3. I encountered a yellow finch yesterday visiting some wildflowers, there were actually four of them and I watched for a while as they delicately jumped around on the flowers. I didn't want to scare them off by getting too close so this pic is a bit blurry... Can you see him?? They were so pretty and fun to watch. I have never seen them around before!

4. New running shoes arrived this week!! I am so happy with them! Brooks Ghost are right now my favorites for running on the roads! This is my second pair!

5. Saving the best for last... We started this blog on June 16, 2013 so today is our two month anniversary!!! Yay!!! We have been so overwhelmed by the growth of this blog already!! We have in two months grown to over 6,000 visitors and are growing on other social media platforms by leaps and bounds as well! We have made some great connections and are so excited to see where this blog goes, we love sharing our stories and mishaps and sharing the beautiful places we enjoy the most! We were elated yesterday when our local REI shared our blog on their page!! Thanks so much REI!!

We hope you have an amazing weekend!! Check back in with us on Sunday to see what our Weekend VIP will be!!

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  1. That photo from your hike is gorgeous! I love the mountains. And your kitty is so cute!

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