Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is your running fuel?

Originally when we, my friend Elizabeth and I, started running in the mornings I had to have some sort of pick me up. It generally takes me a few minutes (to a few hours) to be fully awake each morning. This may be due to the fact that I am a bit of a night owl. Now, since getting up at the crack of dawn, it seems I am a combination night owl and early bird which in essence means I am giving myself little time to sleep... I will work on this and try to get better, I know sleep is just as important as breathing. There is just so much to do and such little time. Nights and Mornings are my "me time". During the other hours of the day I am working and busy with the girls so I am partial to those wee hours of quiet to myself time. Until lately my only pre-run fuel was a quick cup of coffee just before I rushed out the door. Coffee serves me well!

My morning routine goes something like this... 4:30 a.m. I am awakened by the loudest alarm possible, there is always concern I may sleep through the alarm (even though I never have) so I set it LOUD! I also set a back up alarm for ten minutes later just in case I miss the first alarm (again which I never have), you just never know what could happen and it's best to be prepared for worst case scenario right? Yeah... Probably a little overkill. Ha! Once I am awake and drag my self to the kitchen to get my coffee going, drag my self back to the bedroom to get into my running clothes and shoes and back to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee and sit down for the two minutes I have left before it's time to get outside and drink it. I have no idea why it takes almost a full 30 minutes to do those two things. I can only assume I am moving at a snails pace until I have my caffeine boost to get me going .  We hit the road running at 5:00 a.m.

Early morning running has become an addiction. I have such a great day when I get my run in, I love the energy it gives me and I love the way I feel after a run!

My running buddy and I picked up Sport Beans a couple months ago to try before a run. When I had those along with my coffee in the morning I could tell a big difference! I really did have a little more pep in my step and I felt like I had the energy boost I needed. I ran a little faster and farther and didn't feel as tired. They had a great taste and were the perfect compliment to my run! 

We have also tried the Gatorade Chews. We liked those just as well and experienced the same effect! I may even like the way these taste better!

I have been reading other bloggers and running magazines referencing the various things they like to use as running fuel and I am trying different ones along my journey to see which is the best for me. At the moment I am on a Gummy Bear kick! I have recently been having 10-15 gummy bears along with my coffee before I head out for my run and again I am having the same effect! More energy for a faster farther run! It may be mind over matter but I do feel like it makes a difference. 

I have been trying to cut back on sugar so I would love to find something with the same effect as all three of these with fewer grams of sugar. I do realize, however, that it is the sugar that is giving me the boost so I may not find what I am looking for. Until then the gummy bears will serve me well!!

I am fueled up this morning and ready to run! 

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