Monday, July 29, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Goal Zero Rock Out Speaker

We received our new Goal Zero Rock Out Speaker just in time for our beach trip! There is nothing quite like laying out on the beach with some great music playing while you soak up some sun! The great thing about the Rock Out Speaker is that it plays our playlists from our iPods/iPhones and is solar charged from our Nomad 13! We soaked up our Vitamin D while the Nomad 13 soaks up some serious energy! We didn't have to worry at all about batteries dying. It was great! 

We also strapped the speaker to one of our bikes for a ride around the island!

The sound quality is superb! 

The only thing that we could find that would make this better is if there was a sound control on the speaker itself. If we wanted to adjust the volume we had to do so on our device. It appears that the soon to be released Rock Out 2 addresses that so you may opt to hold out for that one! 

Goal Zero recommends the Nomad 7 Solar Panel. We used our Nomad 13 which we absolutely love and take everywhere!! We use this in conjunction with the Sherpa 50 to keep all of our rechargeable devices charged. We recently reviewed both of these during one of our backpacking trips, check out this post.

Goal Zero offers great products be sure to check them out!! We look forward to taking our Rock Out speaker on all of our future outdoor excursions, it is perfect for backpacking!!

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  1. So you connect the Sherpa powerpack to the solar panel, which then charges your devices? That's cool. Will definitely have to check those out.

    Thanks for linking up to my blog hop Match Game 2013. I hope you'll join us again tomorrow for the new week.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks! We can use the solar panel alone to charge our devices and can also charge up the Sherpa power pack so when the sun goes down we can continue to keep things charged up! It is a great system and east to pack for trips and outdoor overnight excursions! Thanks for hosting the blog hop! We will be back :)


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