Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stretching and Rolling ~ For the runner in you

I have found that I am less stiff for my run and less sore from my run when I stretch and roll. At the same time I hate stretching, it takes up time that I'd rather be running. None the less I have found it to be very important and try to make sure I carve out some time both before and after my run to stretch.

First thing in the morning before I head out the door I generally complete these simple stretches

After my runs I will stretch again and then I roll :) 

For my Rolling I have found a great foam roller at TJMaxx

I generally roll my calves but on occasion will roll out other areas as well. I have found that it works best when I find the sore spot to hang out for a while on that spot and sometimes will rest my other leg over top that leg to add additional pressure.  It works wonders.

I also had issues with my feet early on, I had sever pain and soreness. Once I started rolling my pain went away completely. I use a golf ball and have also taken one with me to work to roll under my desk from time to time. I wear heals all day so it helps to stretch from time to time. 

How do you stretch and roll? What are some other recommendations to help prevent stiffness, soreness and injuries?

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