Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oak Island, NC

We are thoroughly enjoying exploring Oak Island, NC. James has been here before but this is the first time I have been here. The weather has been perfect. So far we have enjoyed running, biking and kayaking the island and we have also enjoyed lounging around on the beach, enjoying time with family and eating yummy food!

There is an easy access to the intracoastal waterway. If you visit Oak Island and want to bring along your kayaks at the very end of the island, the section called the point, there is ample parking and great access. We have a large trailer and we able to park with no problem, unload our boats and hit the water! We spent about an hour the first day paddling through the channels in the marsh created by the tide. We had a wonderful time and saw lots of fish, crabs and quite a few White Herrings. We plan to take to the intracoastal waters again and explore another section maybe later today! We also plan to take our kayaks out into the ocean... Well James plans to, I am not sure if I will or not. I am not a fan of hanging out with the sharks and I feel certain they are out there!!! We will see. The surf here is much milder then Topsail Island, where we vacationed last year, so I might venture out. Stay tuned ;)

Oak Island, NC

The Point at Oak Island

Paddling the Intracoastal Waters

Beach Birds Roosting on an exposed stretch of land as the tide rolls in

White Herrings

Of course there are plenty of great running opportunities here as well, both along the coast and on the roadways. Before you hit the beach though you may want to read this post so that you are well prepared. Today's morning run was great! Running into the sunrise was simply wonderful!

Oak Island is a 10 mile stretch of land along the NC Coast. To bike round trip the entire island would be 20 miles. We covered 10 miles yesterday. We biked between 12-14 mph and I definitely broke a sweat! It was very rewarding, especially for me since I haven't been on a bike in years! We're going to go again today and may go a little farther. 

James wants to bike over the bridge... I am not sure about that ha! 

Oak Island is a great place to visit with a lot to offer for the outdoor adventurer and with a very relaxed atmosphere this place is the perfect spot for a amazing summer vacation! 

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