Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musing ~ Start where you are

Happy Monday! I love this quote:

It is so powerful and is exactly what we should all do in all things. Starting a job, starting a relationship, starting a diet, starting a sport, starting an activity, starting to work on a goal, etc. Sometimes it can be intimidating and scary to start where you are... When we are new to the activity, not quite experienced yet, not quite sure we know all there is to know yet, we're not really good at it just yet, etc. It's not always easy to use what you have, especially when something you don't have might make things better. Doing what you can can sometime not seem like enough, we tend to want to start off hard and strong and look as if we know what we are doing. Especially if we are around others doing the same things who are maybe a bit farther along then we are. 

I think about when I started running, and even still now, I am new, I am inexperienced, I don't know all there is to know. I know I love it, I now know a few things not to do and a few things I have to do to be better but I am not a pro. When I started running I wanted to right away run a race at 9 minute miles. All my friends were doing it so why couldn't I? Because I needed to build strength and stamina, I needed practice and patience. I started where I was, used what I had and did what I could and every day I get better and better.

 If we try too hard right from the start we fatigue to quickly, things don't work just right and we are more likely to give up. 

The same is true in all things, be patient with yourself as you embark on your new beginning. It is far wiser to start slow, where you are, and use what you have, gradually building up strength, knowledge and endurance to make what ever it is a lasting venture. 

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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