Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Musing ~ Smile

Good Morning! I am up and feeling excited about the week! No real reason just happy to get back to my routine I guess. I am excited to get back to my morning runs, I am heading out in a few for a run this morning, I have packed my breakfast and lunch and gone ahead and made everything up for the week. All my laundry is done for the week and I am ready to get the week started. 

One of my favorite things about Monday’s is getting to see this little guy.

This cardinal has been welcoming me to work every morning and wishing me well as I leave work each evening for about two years now. Usually he flies to my car as soon as I pull in and get out; sometimes he is there before I even get out of the car! He is also always sitting on my car or in the top of a tree nearby when I leave for the day. I cannot explain it. I don’t bring him any food and I have even changed cars in the past year so it's not as if he was particularly interested in one car. He is for some reason attached to me and I have for some reason grown fond of him. He does leave his mark from time to time down the side of my car which I don’t particularly care for but he is cute and is very vocal and I just love seeing him! He brightens my day and I look forward to seeing him every Monday!

 Sometimes the simplest things are present in your lives just to make us smile :) 

Hopefully you have something to smile about today! Happy Monday!!

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