Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lions and Tigers and.... Nah just Bears!!!!

I know I have mentioned before that we live in beautiful western North Carolina. We are very close the the Pisgah National Forest. We know there are bears primarily because we see the signs almost everywhere we camp.

There is a risk when staying at a site with a water source nearby.

What we weren't aware of was that bears were actually living in our back yard. James came across a smaller black bear on the old farm road a couple of weeks ago and a day or so later two cars were stopped in the driveway who had just seen a bear in the main road. 

Oh my!

I am not sure why they are showing up in the back yard, they typically do stay in the higher elevation areas but for whatever reason they have migrated down the mountain a bit. 

They are beautiful creatures but I do prefer to keep them at bay. When we are camping in "bear country" we pack our food in our Garcia Bear-Resistant Container. We love this container and we can pack so much food inside! This post will give you an idea of what all we had inside this container on a recent trip.  I generally carry the canister in my pack and let James carry the tent and other items. We generally find a good spot pretty far away from the tent to place it overnight. So far we haven't had any bears (that we know of) approach our site or try to get in our container. (We did eat our apples for lunch to avoid attracting a bear.)

Check out this video showing a bear attempting to get into this canister. Not happening!


  1. Thia terrifies me! I always go way overboard when camping to protect myself against bears! lol Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at!

    1. Ha! You can never be too prepared :) We are planning on linking up, I think we missed this week, we have been in vacation mode but will catch the next one! :)


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