Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kayaking the coast ~ Topsail Island, NC

We are getting ready for our beach trip and I can hardly wait! There is so much to do and so little time to get ready but once we are on beach time it will all be worth it! We are looking forward to taking our Ocean Kayaks to the beach again this year. We will be visiting a different beach this year then we have in the past and we look forward to paddling around and exploring!

Last year we stayed on Topsail Island and it was wonderful! We highly recommend!! We love the kind of beaches that are quaint and aren't to hustle and bustle. We're on vacation for goodness sake and we get enough hustle and bustle every day! Relaxing and enjoying the serenity is what we love! Oh and exploring! More than anything we love exploring the places we visit!

Last summer we enjoyed paddling the intercoastal water way at Topsail! We paddled out to small islands peppered throughout and had so much fun.

The water was naturally calmer in the intercoastal waterway than in the ocean.

We found remnants of days gone by on some of the little islands.

We happened upon a small island that must be the breeding ground for crabs, there were tens of thousands scurrying around on this marshy island.

We also encountered a curious little crab at the end of the big island that enjoyed the shade provided by the Ocean Kayak.

He even posed for the camera!

We had fun with this little guy! He was very entertaining! 

We were so lucky to have such gorgeous days at the coast last year and I hope we are just as lucky this year!


We can't wait to share our adventures from this coming trip! Stay tuned!


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