Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Linville Falls, NC

We're making a list and checking it off as we go... In search of NC Waterfalls! There are so many beautiful waterfalls in our neck of the woods and we fully intend to find all of them at some point! There is generally always a good hike out to them and often times camping nearby. 

Linville Falls is one that is a must see! It is accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway with several hiking trails around the falls taking you to the best spots to get the most spectacular views and you will be able to see both the upper and lower waterfalls if you spend some time and hike all the trails. In addition to the views of the falls there are also amazing views of the Linville Gorge and Linville River. 

A view from the top of the falls as it spirals around to it's 45' drop below.

A hike on up Erwins View Trail leads to breathtaking views of the Linville Falls.

At the end of the trail the view from Erwins View Overlook is amazing!

There is a visitor center and restrooms at the head of the trail however during "off season" they both will close. That is typically late fall through the winter and will re-open in the spring. You can however hike the trails and see the falls year round. There is also a campground near by. It is a decent camp ground for car camping with restroom amenities and a large area for groups however the camp ground it's self doesn't posses any great wow features or views. It is a fairly flat area with sparse trees between sites providing very little privacy. The proximity to the falls is great and there are tent pads, picnic tables and a fire pit with grill platform over top however something is lacking and with other camping areas just a short drive away with better views or more private camping spots we would opt to drive a little farther and find another area to camp. 

If you decide to spend some time driving the Blue Ridge Parkway be sure to add Linville Falls to you sightseeing list and check around for all the camping areas in the vicinity. 

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