Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Running Tunes

My run this morning started off great until we were a couple miles out and it began to pour!! I am definitely feeling a bit more hard-core then I did on yesterday's run ha!

I have found that listening to music is imperative if I am going to stick with running. I need to listen to fast music with a great beat or I will hear my labored breathing and heavy footsteps that are willing me to quit… Music keeps me moving forward and has propelled me to run farther and farther. 

I feel the need to carry my iPhone on my runs so that 1) I can listen to my music that is on there and 2) I can call for help should I find myself face down on the sidewalk… 

My current running playlist:

Of course the iPhone is much heavier than an iPod Nano but I am not willing to risk the face down on sidewalk without a phone situation for lighter gear so I have been carrying my iPhone. In the cooler months this was no problem as I had a jacket of some sort on with a pocket or two that I could fit the phone into, however, as I have transitioned from pants and jackets to shorts and tanks I have found myself with limited storage space… I have looked around for an armband that would hold my phone without me having to dismantle the protective case each time I want to run so that it fits in the band and I need a band that will stay put on my smaller arm. I was pretty unsuccessful on my search. I would find a band that fit my case but might as well have been a leg band not an arm band and wouldn't fit me! I was getting frustrated on my search and gave up.

My wonderful husband-to-be found the Tune Belt AB84 and wrapped it up for me as one of my birthday presents! I LOVE it!! 

I have used it for almost a whole week now and I am beyond satisfied! It is PERFECT!! My iPhone slips into place easily, Otterbox and all, and the band fits snugly on my arm with no slipping at all during my runs (even during this mornings rainy run)! As an added bonus I am able to use the touch screen functions through the armband and my Otterbox making it easy for me to change songs or check my Runtastic while I am running without breaking my stride! This has been a great addition to my runs and I will be using it every day! The search for the perfect armband is over!!! You can buy the Tune Belt from their website and you can also check REI or other sporting goods stores. This would make a great addition to your run!! I promise you won't be disappointed! 

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  1. Hi Deanne, great post! I'm with you -- music keeps me going when I workout and I can't run without it! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your post on Tuesday Tunes at With Swallows Wings! Come back and share again soon! :)


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