Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Grace Ecoextreme Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case

We were finally able to get on this river this weekend! The weather was iffy and we weren't sure we were going to get out there. By mid-morning the forecast had changed and it was going to be beautiful so we loaded up our kayaks and headed out! We had a great afternoon! We spent about two hours paddling a seven and a half mile section of the Catawba River. It was a perfect day! We saw tons of turtle’s sun bathing on downed trees, several blue herrings and a family of little curious ducks. 

We love being on the river! Our VIP for this weekend is our Grace ECOEXTREME Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case

Yes mine is Pink!! It matches my kayak! 

We were looking for a waterproof case for our phones and were hoping to find a waterproof iPod player. Luckily for us we found both in this one product! It is easy to use, waterproof and a great music player! The ECOEXTREME produces awesome sound! We took a video today so you can hear for yourself! If you enjoy spending time on the water, want water protection for you iPod or iPhone and love listening to your tunes then this is the product for you! The ECOEXTREME is easy to use; we also made a video showing the ease of use and provides hours of entertainment. There isn't a river trip we go on that we don’t take along our ECOEXTREME.

Great sound on the river:

So easy to use:

This item is a little too heavy for backpack camping. We’d like to try the Rock Out Speaker from Goal Zero to go along with our Goal Zero Sherpa 50 for our backpacking and camping trips! If we decide to get one we will let you know how it is! 

For now we will keep enjoying our ECOEXTREME Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case, this weekend's VIP!


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