Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Weekend's VIP - Goal Zero Nomad 13 and Sherpa 50

So you may already know by reading the first post that this weekend was our very first two night backpacking excursion... I feel so strongly that you need to disconnect now and then from your day to day life and connect to nature...

However... I have two teenage daughters who were not with us this weekend. I can not possibly go the whole weekend without knowing how my girls are, where there are and that they are home safe and sound at the end of each day. Without that ability to check in I would not go. I am sooooooo glad we made the big purchase of the Goal Zero Nomad 13 and Sherpa 50! This charged my iPhone four times this weekend as well as his Droid and by the end of the third day we still had 60% charge!! Amazing!!!

Day 1:

As long as there is sun there is a charge!! Setting up camp and getting charged up! 

Once we set up the tent we decided to catch as much sun as we could! 

And charge our devices at the same time!

Day 2: 

Packed up our bags and hiked six miles to the next camp site, getting a charge all the way!

Set up camp again, then took a relaxing break in the hammock while the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 charged up our phones. 

You can't always guarantee cell service deep within the woods and this weekend where we were it was spotty at best but I was able to talk to my girls several times (and text them) along our weekend adventure and that made this purchase well worth it!!

Check out Goal Zero for more info on this product! 

We bought ours after much research (on his part) and waiting for the release of this system. We  bought ours at REI using our REI Member Rewards Coupon plus an REI gift card we received for Christmas last year! 

Our Goal Zero Nomad 13 and Sherpa 50 are most certainly this weekend's VIP!!

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