Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In search of the right running shoes

I love to run! I am not an ultra runner, I have not done marathons and at this time I don't want to (at least I don't think I do anyway). My friend Elizabeth and I have been running only a few months and I am on a trial and error journey with running as well. We do a three mile loop 3-5 days per week. We were running 2 of those miles and walking 1 working our way up to running the whole three and gradually add more mileage. At the moment, however, I am having issues with my feet. 

I am on a mission to find the right pair of shoes! I started out running in an old pair of New Balance shoes and discovered quickly what a bad decision that was. I then bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 5 shoes (which I LOVE) but I started having serious issues with my feet like ankle pain and swelling. 
I went to a specialty shoe store to get a proper fitting and was told I was wearing the wrong size! Oops!! I have a very narrow foot with high arches. Apparently in order to feel fitted into the shoes I was wearing I was wearing normal width shoes a size smaller then I should have and squeezing in to get the snug feel I desired. Not a good plan!! This makes my feet hurt just thinking about it! So obviously my fairly new Brooks are too small which is very likely the source of my trouble. I have other running friends who have highly recommended Asics and so I bought a pair in the narrow width and proper size. I bought the Asics GEL-Nimbus 15. I was super excited when they arrived! I love the way they look and they are made very well.

I put them on and immediately I was a little concerned. They were springy. Not exactly what I expected. I ran in them this morning for the first time and I was so disappointed. I did NOT like these shoes at all. Even with the 2A width my heel slipped with every stride. I might as well have been wearing flip flops. The gel cushioning was too much for me. They were so soft that it made my run labored. I felt like I was trudging through mud. 

Fortunately for me I bought these through Road Runner Sports and I can return them and find something else.  I was referred to Road Runner Sports by a colleague of mine who is also a runner and I have been very happy with the service and responsiveness I have received! I purchased a membership and have already realized the benefits! Our sporting good store in town had about a $20.00 per shoe mark up from what I found on Road Runner Sports. Check them out!!

These Asics may very well be the perfect shoe for you. They simply didn't work for me. Now I am off in search of my perfect pair... Wish me luck!


  1. I purchase my running shoes through Roadrunner Sports, too and love that company! It's really hard to find a shoe that is 'just right'. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I just got my second pair of Brooks Ghost and am in LOVE!!! Roadrunner Sports has been so great to work with!! I have also discovered the importance of a good pair of socks... http://itsthesoundofsunshine.blogspot.com/2013/08/well-socks.html


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