Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lake James State Park

A couple weeks ago we camped at Lake James State Park in Western NC. We had a great time and a lovely view! 

Evening view from our camp site

Morning view from our campsite, beautiful fog over the lake

As mentioned in the very first blog post we tend to do a lot of trial and error! James researches EVERYTHING and does an amazing job finding great spots to camp, kayak, hike, etc. What we can't always do is a site visit to confirm conditions before we go... 

We set off to camp at Lake James State Park site unseen. We took the car and packed for "car camping". What this means is that instead of having everything packed up in our backpacks we have all of our gear in one extra large rolling Rubbermaid container. Not including our duffle bags of clothes, standard pillows, big rolling cooler and on occasion a travel grill, and then usually some more stuff just in case we need it... We arrived at the park with the van loaded down and discovered a long gravel trail and several sets of steps to tackle to get to our site! Oh boy was that fun!! We carried the heavy Rubbermaid container, the heavy cooler and several armloads of stuff to our site! Not something I want to do again. Wheels are useless on that type terrain and steps. We had originally considered taking our kayaks too so we could paddle around on the lake a bit. So glad we didn't!! I would not want to have carried them down that far to the site!

 Once settled at our site, however, we had a wonderful time! Reservations are required for this park so be sure to call ahead if you decide to go! We absolutely loved camp site 4. We didn't have other campers near by and that was nice! We will definitely go again but next time we will take our backpacks and a smaller more manageable cooler. We also know now that we could take out kayaks next time too but would need to put them in the lake at the boat access down the road and paddle over to the camp site. Lessons learned while having fun!!

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