Monday, February 11, 2019

"I just like to run, running is my favorite!"

Happy February!!

Since January was such an awesome month and I stuck to the run streak the WHOLE. ENTIRE. MONTH. I decided to stick with it and keep on streaking through February too!!

I have never run a challenge race before on this level. The Asheville Marathon Backyard to Vineyard Challenge is unlike anything I have ever done. I did do the 5k and the half marathon in Detroit but I never would have thought about doing the half marathon and marathon challenge... IN. THE. SAME. WEEKEND.

I may have lost my mind lol!

I finished January strong with 150 Miles!!

Over the last two weeks my training has looked like this:

Monday 1/28 we ran 1 mile and walked 2. Monday's are easy days!

Tuesday 1/29 I ran three miles at the fastest pace I have ran in a very long time!! I am so super proud of this! I think mixing up my training, taking some days easy, pushing on others has allowed me to get back to this pace for three miles!

Wednesday 1/30 it was so cold but we bundled up and headed out anyway!

Thursday 1/31 I was on the struggle bus for real!! I went to a friends wine party the night before and while I didn't have much wine, I did have too much food!!! I ran three miles of hill repeats. In full disclosure, this is not 100% true. I ran 8 of the 9 hill repeats and I ran back at fourth the last lap at the top to get my full 3 miles. If I had to run the hill one more time I may have thrown up!!! I did not feel good at all! I like to eat before 7pm. We ate after 8pm that night! It's clear food and meal time does affect how I feel the next day!

Friday 2/1

The first day of February!! This means we have to do something different for February right?? Keeping the streak alive and keeping our plank game on we decided to add in squats!!!

15 Sqauts per day keep the injuries away!

Saturday 2/2

I am using a modified Goofy Challenge Plan by Hal Higdon and so this week was a cut back week. We ran 13 gorgeous miles!

and we planked!!

Sunday 2/3

Elizabeth and I went to Charlotte and enjoyed a Super Bowl favorite The Big Game 4 Miler! 

Monday 2/4
Monday’s are my favorite!! I love seeing all these cute pups for our run/walk day!! What a fun way to kick off the week!!! It was kinda like herding cats to get a picture though!!

Tuesday 2/5

We busted out 3 miles despite something being a bit off with my stomach!

Wednesday 2/6

What do you do when you’re on a streak but wake up with a tummy ache? Run anyway!!! 
I told Kim that I was only going to run a mile, I ordinarily would have skipped the run all together, but then Runners FOMO kicked in and I ran the three miles we had planned. I even got in my planks and squats! We clearly need to practice the cute squatty runner poses we see our other running friends post lol! We’re a work in progress...

Thursday 2/7

Ohhhh “It’s like a heat wave, burning in my heart” Seriously I was so hot on our hill repeats my heart felt like it might explode!! I am super ready for warmer spring like temps but this morning was a bit like Summer! We knocked out 9 laps around the block aka 9 ridiculous hill climbs! Did I mention the heat???!!! Whew!  I am thankful that Fridays are easy run days!

Friday 2/8

“Every run is a work of art, a drawing on each day’s canvas. Some runs are shouts and some runs are whispers. Some runs are eulogies and others celebrations.” — Dagny Scott Barrios
Enjoyed a three mile easy warm run this morning through the sleep streets of downtown! We’re training for the Asheville Marathon!!

Saturday 2/9

What an eventful, fun, scary run...

When you start your 18 miler at 5am you find yourself on seemingly haunted trails in the dark!! Were those raccoon eyes shining in the tree or the Blair Witch??? Was that a squirrel in the leaves or big foot!! Who knows, we couldn’t see 👀 We won’t even speak of what our mileage was at the cemetery! Have no fear, angels were near and we made it out of the woods just as the sun was coming up! We were joined by another friend who pushed us through the last 4.5 miles. We’re feeling pretty good about our upcoming #backyardtovineyardchallenge at the Asheville Marathon next month!

Sunday 2/10

We ran 9 miles. Back to back long runs are important as we get closer and closer to the Backyard to Vineyard Challenge. Each week our Sunday runs will get longer and we will continue with the long Saturday runs too! 

Happy Monday! Today is the start of a brand new training week! We've got miles and miles to go!

Whats on your running agenda this week? 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

This month is running by super fast!!

Geez this month is flying by!!

I am trying to catch up!! Running all the miles EVERY SINGLE DAY has me super tired when I am home!

I really have LOVED this streak though! I have never done one before and have always wanted too! 

Luckily I have my friend Kim doing it with me! I am not sure I would have stuck with it otherwise!

In addition to the runs we plank each day and I am at a 2:30 plank after my runs!! Feeling strong!

Monday 1/14 we ran 1 mile and walked 2 with our cute little pups!

Tuesday 1/15 has become a speedier day for me. We ran three miles!

Wednesday 1/16 we run hills.... Or so I thought! We also try to bust out this run a bit faster if we can. Kim decided that we would start doing "real" hill work on Thursday!

Thursday 1/17 we ran 1 block hill repeats! Up across, down, over, back up, across, down, over, back up... 9 times!!! Oh my quad!!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Friday 1/18 we ran EASY. We do intervals and take it easy.

Saturday 1/19 was the Hot Chocolate 15K.

Sunday 1/20 we ran six miles through town followed by a plan of course!

Monday 1/21 was super cold but we got bundled up and got in our run! Monday's we run 1 mile and walk 2 miles. Monday's are our "rest" days but we are running the first mile to keep the streak alive!

Tuesday 1/22 we speed it up a bit again and ran three miles at our local park.

Wednesday  1/23 we ran our roller coaster route again.

Thursday 1/24 we did our hill repeats and I DID NOT DIE even though I though I might lol! My picture does not do this mega incline justice and no we didn't run down it... We run UP it!

Friday 1/25 we went easy again with intervals. (We totally forgot to get a pic of anything but our planks)

Saturday 1/26 Kim and I ran 20 miles!!!! TWENTY!!! I am constantly in disbelief that I can even do that! I love these legs that carry me through it!! Even though I begged and pleaded for Kim to go get the car those last two miles I feel completely invincible after were done! Brandi join us for the first bit of this run too which was fun!

Sunday 1/27 we ran 7 miles and it was incredible! Saturday night I though there is no way I can do this run but then I did and I felt amazing!

I have modified a Dopey Challenge Training Plan and that is what we are following. It recommends some speed work, some hill work and two long runs each week. Ideally we'd do the half marathon training run on Saturday and the full marathon training run on Sunday but that would make it impossible to get home and showered and to church on time so we have swapped the two. Hopefully the effect will be the same. I feel confident that I could go out today and run the half it's running the full on tired legs that we have to prepare for. 

Running every day has helped my legs feel tired that's for sure lol!

This week is already off to a great start with our Monday morning run/walk and Tuesday we hit the track! This super cold weather might throw a wrench in our plans this week. We will see!

I can hardly believe the month is nearly over, it seems we just got started! 

Elizabeth and I are running a fun race this weekend! Stay tuned for my recap of the fun that is sure to ensue!

Wishing you a happy week and many happy miles!

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